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Hot Music TV Network is a virtual electronic entertainment center which incorporates audio, video, blogging and telecommunications into a exciting interactive, multimedia, journalist experience!

Today is the start of something exciting! Your are about to discover the enchanting sounds of Hot Music Television Network which is an independent Internet media broadcaster, licensed with ASCAP under the name Hot Music Television Network.

The Network provides an avenue for both popular and independent artists to broadcast their music worldwide. The traditional record industry networks cannot meet the demand, for the amount of independent recording artists, seeking massive exposure, in order to obtain a real record deal.

Hot Music TV Network helps Independent recording artists by broadcasting their videos alongside popular artists in an attempt to bring notoriety to their music. Hot Music TV Network’s maverick approach in online broadcasting is absolutely revolutionary.

The network is helping to increase the number promotional avenues available to Recording Artists, Talk Show Hosts, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Website Owners. The network also offers viewers a wide range of music such as House, Hip-Hop, RB, Neo Soul, Dance, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Talk Shows, interesting interviews plus more.

Hot Music TV Network promotes a wide selection of popular recording artists as well, which helps to increase the number of visitors to the online network.

The mission of Hot Music TV Network is to provide viewers with an array of great music videos, interesting interviews, popular and independent recording artists and other topics of interest. Our listeners will receive hours of fantastic music programing along with photos, video broadcasting and FREE ringtones and wide variety of hot hot recording artists.

Just imagine, an Internet radio and television network with less talk and more music. The interviews are periodically programmed throughout the day which incorporates a balance between talk shows, music and performances.

Visit and subscribe to our network. You enjoy.



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